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"Not only does Gary love what he does, he makes us love it too. Gary combines fun and fitness in a way that keeps everyone motivated, laughing, and getting in shape all at the same time."  

- Carin Telle

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"I am the type of person that needs encouragement to 'push' myself. Gary has a unique way of explaining the mechanics of my body to help me improve my form, as well as developing a nutritional plan to fit my personal needs. Now, tell me how many personal trainers go that extra mile?"

- Edris

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"As someone who primarily lifted weights, GTAC and Gary's gym classes have changed me forever. I can't imagine just lifting weights in a gym by myself again. His classes push me and energize me like no other workout. I look forward to the days I'm able to do them."

- Andrew Kramer

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"I've had Gary train me in his studio and outdoors and he's a fantastic motivator. He's pushed me to do things I never thought I could accomplish. I'm hugely lacking in discipline, but I actually look forward to my weekly workouts with him because I know I'll feel great afterwards."

- Kerry Oji

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"I've been a runner for over 15 years and have seen more results in just three short months of taking your gym classes than I have throughout my entire running career - I'm loving my new muscle definition!"

- Jill Goldstein

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"Because of his dedication and focus on helping people be the best that they can be, he continues to be an inspiration to me. Do yourself a favor and take a class or go to his gym. We are so lucky to have such a talent in our community.”

- Heather L. Kueker

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"Through Gary, I have transformed how my body looks, how I eat and how I enjoy activities in all areas of my life. I am in better shape at 37 than I was when much younger. Best of all, he finds a way to make the pain fun. He simply is the best.”

- Butch Haze

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"Gary designed a step-by-step program that dramatically improved my athletic skills which allowed me to compete a a higher level and resulted in a Bronze medal in the 2007 United States National Aerobic Championship in the masters category."

- Midori Sargent

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"...working with Gary - whether in a class or personal training setting - is fun. Like many other trainers, Gary will push you to your limits, but unlike other trainers, Gary has an innate sense of humor and creativity that pervades and enhances the fitness experience. Like the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine."

- Amy Thomas

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"Gary combines sincere affability with attention to form and pace, and possesses an intuitive understanding of his clients' capabilities. . . and because of him, I'm still out there running (and cursing his name!) jumping, doing push ups etc and having a hell of a good time doing it!”

- Sheila Chandor 


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Private Personal Training Studio


Clients are guided to reach and surpass their health and fitness goals with cardiovascular, resistance training, plyometrics, core strengthening exercises and assisted stretching.  With Gary's enthusiasm for life, free spirited personality and love for music, he makes exercising fun and enjoyable.  Clients find more than just fitness with Gary Lee - they find many positive changes to their mind, body and spirit.


"My clients range from high intensity competitive athletes to those who simply want to incorporate a healthier and more active lifestyle.  Most of which want to lose fat, gain muscle, increase mobility, gain flexibility, or get in shape for a specific event.  I am passionate about making exercise engaging and fun for both my clients and myself."


Individual Personal Training
1 Session - $100

8 Session Package - $600

16 Session Package - $1100 *


2 Person Group Training
1 Session - $85 per person
8 Session Package - $520 per person

16 Session Package -  $960 per person *


* Best Deal


Please contact Gary if you would like to train with a larger group.



Payment for all packages is given upon the first training session.

All PT packages must be used within 6 months of purchased date.   You will be charged full price for the session if you fail to give 24 hours notice of cancellation.  Gary currently accepts cash & checks.